Thursday, 18 July 2013

A journey to research journal...

There is much of research journal in design..seriously, i was confused and dilemma to continuing my study. Which part should i go for major? there is 4 type of graphic major but i need to challenge my self not to follow the old way likes my seniors done.. But how? In this semester i done nothing! I am very confused and feel depressed, then bring out rubbish. I couldn't say i hate my design but i am not satisfied with what I've done. I think, Mr H is right. He told us that we would feel depressed, confused.. confused.. down.. down.. and if there no luck, we might gone..


Hope!! We just could hope of shine.. of pass with flying colours or only pass...

He always said; "It's time to shine!"

ohh i feel depressed again!!
can i do better on this final semester? Hope and Pray!! InsyaAllah!! Amin..

let's read some research journal..

Monday, 15 July 2013

Insight Council - Branding & Corporate Identity Course Work

Did you know about Imam Muda Asyraf? He is the first winner for Imam Muda television program at Astro Oasis. I was think how good if there is a plan for him in education. He has a good image as a preacher. He is the Imam that could spread Islamic Education but in different thought. There is Malay proverb, "Melentur Buluh Biarlah Dari Rebungnya". In english translation; "Bend the bamboo though the sprout". So, to create a good, polite, educated, active, attractive, visionary generations, we need to start from the early stages.

For college/university students, there is an internship program we need to go through to gain experience before graduate. But how if the kids attend the internship or precisely being an apprentice? This is what we are struggle to work on for Branding course work. I hope that we get the good mark for what we already done. Gambatte kudasai!!

I want to shows my appreciation to Mr. Hisham Baharin and Mr. Nazrul Nordin for giving your hard work towards this project. Hope we will work together again!! Arigato naa...

To our lecturer, Mr Sheikh and Mr. Hafizul, i hope you will evaluate our work with ought and honest.
To our parents classmates, and friends, thanks for your support and blessing. THANK YOU!!!


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